Friday, May 15, 2009

You have to be kidding me!?!?

On Tuesday I had to go in for a back procedure. It is a series of diagnostic testing on your Nerves and discs. It requires and Epidural feeling down your leg , IV and Scans...I couldn't walk for 16 hours and then for the next day had kinda a lame leg but know I am back to my normal.

During the scans the doctor mentioned I should really be concerned about my IUD. He could see it on the scan. It was pushed up to the right side and backwards. He was hoping that I wouldn't need surgery to remove it. As I lay on the table...I am thinking " You have to be kidding me!?" My luck I will have baby number 4 on the way.

I bring the image into my regular doctor who then wants me to get in right away. He also told me he must do a pregnancy test on me. This is where I think I really need anti-Anxiety medication. Good thing it was negative I might of had to be committed right then and there.

.he does the wonderful exam and finds that it doesn't appear to be in and danger but I need to do an ultrasound next week and then we can go from there. If they need to remove It..Jeremy told me that he is getting a vasectomy!!

This is SO the story of my life!!

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Heather D

Dude. That sucks.
Hope its ok. I worry about my iud too. I would go freaking postal if I was pregnant right now.