Sunday, May 10, 2009

Many Blessing's to me...

As I write this...Carter is sleeping and the house is quiet. I should be getting in the shower or cleaning the kitchen. I should really tidy up the house but I am savoring the quiet. Jeremy took the 3 older kids camping I don't have any chaos right now. I can hear the hum of the washer, the trickle of the fish tank and the birds chirping.

I am not the perfect mother. I make mistakes. Sometimes big ones. I get irritated quickly when the house is not tidy at all times. I know that the family doesn't care. They want the fun. playful, happy mom...I have realized this over the last few months. They really don't care that the finger prints are all over the doors, the floors have last night dinner on them. They care is I sit on the couch and have my lap open for them.

After many prayers over and over on how to not be so impatient It came to me that my children and the work load are not a burden. They are a blessing. There are days I forget such a thing. I can't see past the dirt, mess, the loading and unloading of the diaper bags, dishwasher, wash machine or laundry baskets. I can't get them to stop fighting or picking on each other. I try to control every moment but I can't...

I am not a huge Dr. Phil lover but the one thing Jeremy and I ask each other when we are facing a brick wall and we seem to think that our method is right, our thinking process is right on...we ask " how is this working for you?" It wasn' wasn't working for us. That's when we had to change our views...they are a blessing not a burden...and that seems to be working for us!!

Knowing that I don't have very many years left with Matthew to show him everything I can..makes me sad...18 and college will be here very very soon. I want him to remember that he was such a blessing in our lives...and with all of them...I want them to understand that having siblings is a blessing...they will get to be an aunt or an Uncle some day...and nobody will love them they way they love each other.

I love my blessing's!! All 4 of them!!

They have all earned me the honor of receiving Mom of the year ....

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Happy Mother's day !!

** Thanks Michelle for the award!! They even spelled my name right!! Love you!!

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I used to feel the same way about my house. One day a friend of my came over to visit and I was venting to her about all the finger prints and so on. She sat there very quiet and let me get it all out of my system and then she said to me"I would give anything to have those finger prints back. You see her 18 month old son had just died a few months befor. I changed quite a bit after that.

The Kingsborough Queen

you are an awesome mom!!! i love the award. hope you had a wonderful day!

Arlen_Kristy Johnston

Happy Mother's Day! I love the award you got.