Thursday, May 14, 2009

A bit of information....

Here is some information on Jeremy's trip...

This trip is the culmination of 8 months of training and discipleship through Dream Realization School through North County Christ the King church. Through the lessons taught, my understanding of scripture and spiritual freedom has deepened. In learning about other religions, I've come to appreciate what God has done to restore us to a relationship with him so much more.

While all other religions are based on works with man reaching out to an impersonal God, Christianity is the only religion where God has reached down to man and wants to be so personal, He calls us his kids and his friends.

On this trip we will be:

* Meeting with pastors from around the region to encourage them.
* Helping deliver food parcels and pray with refugees.
* Getting to know and understand the customs, culture and spiritual history of Jordan and the Middle East.
* Worshiping with believers in their church, as well as under the desert stars.
* Visiting two orphanages and a deaf school.
* Using drama to communicate, and teaching English.
* Help with farming.
* Doing some home repair, painting and other practical help.
* Working with and praying for the sick in a medical clinic.
* We'll be taking toys, backpacks, fabric for sewing, and other useful items.

Thanks Becky :0)...Safe travels to you!

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My son, Jeremiah, will be Jeremy's escort/tour guide while his group is there. He has been working with the Iraqi refugees there for the past 10 months.

Then, shortly after your Jeremy comes home ... my Jeremiah comes home. Woo hoo! We are excited.

Hopefully, I'll be home from Africa before Jeremiah comes home from Jordan.

mama of 13