Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Humor me...

Dad: Matthew get our feet off the blinds..you will break them

Matthew: I am just touching them...I won't hurt them

Dad: Matthew I mean it, if you break them I will be really upset

Matthew: I will pay for them

Dad: No, you won't

Matthew: I know, It sounded good.

Mom: Olivia Mother's day is coming up!!

Olivia: what do I get?

Mom: You get to go with dad and get mommy something.

Olivia: Like a pretty dress for me? or new shoes?

Mom: No Olivia, you must be a mom to get a gift

Olivia: That is not fair, someday I will be a mom

Mom: Yes, Olivia you will be...goodnight

Olivia: goodnight mom

3 seconds later...................yelling from bed

Olivia: DAD!!! mom said you have to buy me something for mother's day!

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