Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am refusing..

Dear Mr. 12 year old son of mine,

I am refusing to buy bananas anymore. You see every morning I stumble out of bed and hit the coffee pot. It is going to be a long day of picking up toys, changing diapers, feeding kids, wiping noses and butts. My day will consist at some point of trying to find my keys by looking in the heater registers, the freezer, the toilet and my shoes. What I don't want my day to consist of is finding your stinking , brown banana peels all over. Yesterday I fould one on the couch, today one on my computer desk and last week one on my hearth in my bedroom.
I am so happy you LOVE bananas but I am not so happy when I find them everywhere...the multiply like the darn candy wrappers stuffed in the couch cushions.
Now, My son, I know you read this so I am just giving you an advanced warning...If I find apple cores around the house I will hurt you.

Much Love,

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Heather D

At least it's your 12 year old son doing it, not your 31 year old husband...

The Kingsborough Queen

thats hysterical!!! i seriously never know what i am going to find here...i love it!!!