Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A few months ago I was watching the news, Yes, I actually got to sit down and watch tv! Yipee for me! Anyways, They where going on about how much the stay at home mom should make if she was ever paid. I though it was quite intriguing. I mean really you can price all our skills!?!

Some moms will obviously make more then others. I mean I am not going to get paid for being a seamstress when I don't even own a a needle and thread. I can't be at top of the pay scale in the laundry attendant column, I don't own an iron. I am not a dog walker and quite frankly suck at the whole accounting bill paying thing...and well, because I let me children eat cold cereal at least 2 times aweek the pay for this chef will be at the bottom of the pay scale.

I have to say I have owned 2 businesses. managed a retail store along with 35 employees. The ones who call in sick every other day, whines to me because their co-worker looked at them wrong, I have had deadlines, quota's, hiring, firing and a very big to do list but nothing is as hard as staying home.

When I had a "job" I had to have dedication, self-discipline( for the days I felt like smacking the employee chump who got in a fist fight with a customer) humor, focused and many other skills...but nothing still can compete with what it is like to stay home not only are you to have all the same skills but everyday is different, everyday is well a new day.
I have to have all my skills ready at all times. I must always have a sense of humor and be prepared for just about anything. From diaper blow outs to 6th grade bullying to 3 year old melt downs.
I don't think you can ever really put a price on moms....I truly believe our job is priceless and if they think of firing you...they will never ever find anyone like mom...

And they could never afford to replace me!

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