Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dear Craigslist scammers

Dear Scammers,

Your check looked real and I am glad I made you go through the hassle of shipping it here. I am glad I kept stringing you along thinking that I was going to cash it and wire the money for the shipping of a grandfather clock from Lynden to Bellingham ( 20miles ) for 1350.00 dollars. I mean really who would pay 1350 .00 dollars?? Only you would Mr. Scammer Guy.

I am sorry you got so angry with me. I knew you where waiting for the money everyday at the same Western Union but I got busy. I had to wash my hair , feed my kids and take time to smell the flowers. I know I told you that in the last email but you got really upset with me. Sorry.

I love how you sign all your emails God Bless. You really think I can't see through this? I think you can think of something a bit more clever to build trust but nope scammers don't think.

Your check looks so real! I bet the Police won't fall for it. They like to deal with fraudulent affairs. I am sure you won't be caught but hey if I can keep you hanging on to my scheme then you will not be spending all your time focusing on ripping others off.

Here in America we are taught that anytime you wire money it is a scam and when your name is Linwood Leroy it is definitely a scam. Who's mom would really name their child that?

Well, Tomorrow will be better..tomorrow I will change up western Union Locations and tell you some big long story on why your money has been delayed for 6 weeks. Hope you believe me!

Wasting your time and mine for the better,

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