Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's With Tiffiny

Thanks for the reminder Tiffani!! I needed it! Sorry it is sweet short and to the point. I will post some pictures of camping and sunny days soon! Have a great night. Tomorrow is to be 80 degrees! Bring it I am loving the vitamin d and all the outside fun.

I am thankful for:

A very safe trip for Jeremy!! He is home!! The sunny days and a camping trip that turned out great!

I am listening to: Carter Pushing the baby/dolly stroller around the back and the Arthur show.

I am looking forward to: Going to dinner with the girls! Bring it on! No body whining..nobody telling me this and that with a whining tone.

What's for dinner Tonight: Scrambled eggs, toast and watermelon

Missing: Well, no Boy Scout Shirt found in I guess I will keep looking!!

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The Kingsborough Queen

welcome home, jer! i am so looking forward to tiff relaying all the awesome details of your trip and the pics. so glad you added that journey to the story of your life. =)