Saturday, May 16, 2009

Not much...

I am so happy to be home today. I have had such a busy week!! I had bunko with the gals last night. It is always so much fun and they are a great group of women!

Not much to blog about...Jeremy was able to Instant Message me a few times. He did some farm work today and was going to try and send me pictures after dinner. He said it was very nice there and he got to work by a camel. The hotel is nice and the food is okay. He will try later to Skype so I can see him. I am so amazed at all the technology there is to keep in contact with him. I didn't think I would be able to. Such a blessing.

Olivia is still missing her dad. Crying for him about every 2 hours. I am hoping this ends soon. I quick hug and an a small explanation will keep her emotions re-directed. She knows that he is doing Gods work and he is going to where Jesus was born. She wants to go see Jesus with her dad and see Jesus on the "crosswalk" that is what she thinks and believes...kinda sweet that she has a desire to see Jesus.

I need to plant flowers and do yard work but everytime I think I can schedule it in life happens..
So today I think I will focus on Laundry and staying in my pajamas. Hopefully today I can get some pictures up of his trip for all of you who are following his grand adventure.

Have a great Saturday!

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