Monday, May 11, 2009

I can see clearly now the rain is

still here..and I have just gotten better at seeing.

Seriously. Will this rain ever go away? Makes me grumpy.Tired.Blah. I went to bed at 9 last in bed at 7 and they are still sleeping! NICE! So I am hoping that today is productive...after the much needed rest.

Hope you all had a great Mother's day. I did. I got to fit everyone who mothers us into our weekend. I even pulled off 5 loads of laundry. Now that earns me the mother of the year award! they have clean clothes.

Nothing to exciting to blog about. I am getting ready to prepare for 10 days of pure bliss...I mean chaos. I have lots to do. I swear every time he (that being Mr. Perfect) opens his mouth it is in regards for me to do something for him. Urgh..He is almost to laid back for me. Never makes plans and waits last minute for EVERYTHING!! Um...who's Passport just arrived Saturday? Who still need 1 shot before leaving? Hello!?! Your leaving in like 3 days!!! I give up trying to help him plan anything. Vacations, over nighters, dinner...nothing in his life is planned..drives me CrazY!! and yes, I still love him..So for all of you out there who thinks I am bashing my spouse..I am. :0) Good thing he doesn't read this. But if by chance he does...I love you honey. I really do.

I am not looking forward to the 10 days. I have mixed emotions about him leaving. I am Excited for him to have such a life changing event but what if something happens to him? What ifs cross my mind frequently. I know God is complete control. I really do know that. I know he has the perfect plan for us not so perfect people.

Olivia is sick. This crud really needs to stop floating around the house. Seriously, I have sprayed every thing down...killing 99.9% of bacteria with my Lysol. I have armed all the door handle's,phones, counters, and toys with Lysol...I have even reminded everyone to wash their hands over and, we don't have the swine flu..just a nasty cold.

Well, my fellow stalkers...I am off to get something done. Maybe I should have Jeremy take the computer to work with him...then I could concentrate on doing stuff. Naw, that would be torture.

Have a great week!!

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