Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's With Tiffiny

I am Thankful for...

Yesterday I loaded up the kids for a non-destination trip. I had to leave the house. I had to get them to quit whining and walking around like they where going nuts. I had no idea what we where going to do. I drove to the big city. I attempted to go to a store but because my kids hardly ever go into public they acted like brats. One screamed when the cart would stop moving..the other wanted to touch every formal dress and as she did that would yell "mom, you need to wear this for dad!!" Maybe this wasn't such a good idea...Until I found a Cinderella nightgown for 3.99...bribes work every time! I started to get discouraged....until I remembered sitting at the stop light watching a man in wheel chair pushing himself across the crosswalk...trying to get up a hill, he stopped half and then proceeded to make it up that hill. I watched him...I was sad for him..I wanted to help him. I wanted to make it easier for him. The only thing I could do was say a prayer for him.,for endurance and hope. As I drove past...I was thankful, My life is not bad. Stressful, yes. I think that had to have been God's devine appointment for me yesterday.

I'm listening to... Kids music blaring from the bedroom...Twinkle Twinkle little star..Olivia yelling from the couch she needs cheese,crackers and a circle sandwich.

What's for Dinner Tonight... Crockpot stew...I am going to have the boys do yard work today so It will be really nice to have dinner done and can be eaten at anytime.

Missing.... Olivia's regular naps...if she takes a nap bedtime is at 11! YIKES! If there is no nap then I can put her down at 7. The whining is horrendous from 4-7...pull your hair out lock your self in the garage and look for the Boy Scout shirt horrible.

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!!

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The Kingsborough Queen

i love, lOvE, LOVE thursdays with's my favorite of your posts! i almost don't know what to do with my thursdays if you happen to not post!