Thursday, May 7, 2009

I can tell you have ALOT of kids...

Carter's idea of breaking into the bathroom to play with Olivia's toys...he throws everything in the toilet...there is no pee in there...just toilet paper from Carter John himself.

she hides herself in there with her friends so he won't bug her. She calls him little bother...if you watch the Olivia show you know where she got that.
She hides her clothes form Carter and all her treasures...this is classic for her. I have stashes of stuff everywhere.

Her secret playhouse...the bathroom...Good thing we have 3 bathrooms!!
I can Tell you have alot of kids

Yes, that was a statement form my best friend as she came over to crash my house yesterday. She noticed the pink scarf wrapped around the thermostat, the barbie horse on the mantle, the pencil stuck in my house plant, the Knick knacks arranged by a 3 year old, the mounting pile of shoes, the stickers on our light switch cover, barbie with out her legs, barbie legs sticking out of the printer and the pure chaos.

I can tell I have a lot of kids when I made out my Costco list and 8 gallons of milk was 2nd to 2 big boxes of goldfish crackers, 6 loafs of bread, and about 300.00 worth of food that does NOT include wal-mart and produce shopping. I can tell I have alot of kids when my dishwasher runs 3 times a day. I never have enough hot water when It comes to my shower...I can tell I have alot of kids when I must have detailed Christmas list for the fear of hurt feelings. I also get a ton of hugs, lots of slobbery kisses and 3 blessings that hopefully will never allow me to go a nursing home. The chances of one of them taking care of me is pretty good!!

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