Thursday, May 7, 2009

call me old

They taunt me...they make fun of me...even my best friend does for sporting this pink shower cap. They call me old..they tease me.
I love it!! I don't always have time to wash,dry and style my hair ( I need to BLOG!!) so I use a shower cap. My good friend Emily actually left this here and I am forever grateful she did and I am looking at finding a cooler one...Miss America thinks one with butterflies would be cool.

Liv loves to wear it because she hates her hair makes her "shibber' when she is done with her 1 hour bath...i try to tell her it is the hour old bath water that is no longer hot that makes her cold but when she gets in the tub there is no getting her out. Her Grammy has neat tub and that is one of her favorite things to do when she goes over there. She still has not caught on to the fact they have a hot tub, I am sure she will be packing the shower cap when she finds that out.

Last weekend I got away with the girls and when I was leaving I noticed they had a shower cap in the hotel , I took it home for Liv and to say she was excited was an understatement...She was jumping around and doing a dance! I know what I am looking for her birthday...a shower cap with Butterflies.

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Heather D

I also have a showercap. I hate washing my hair.
I'm not old. I'm lazy.