Monday, May 18, 2009

Heartburn and rambles

For 2 nights I have not felt good. A have been fighting a sore throat for about 3 weeks. I am not sure if I have an ulcer (Like I worry) or just bad indigestion, Nothing else with it. Since I had the lap band I have not gotten heartburn at all (one time with Carter's pregnancy) but last night I was up all night. My dear friend Julie brought me over tums and pepto so I am hoping that does the trick.

I have Jury duty this week. I almost forgot! I was reading an article yesterday and it was about Jury duty, good thing I read the article...I could have went to Jail, I mean mini vacation.

I think I hsould plant flowers but that would give Olivia some more bouquets to bring me. You can't even tell I planted some already.

Olivia is getting ready to yell surprise for her dad when he comes home tonight, yep, thinks it is tonight. I must break it to her again. She yells at me that she doesn't like her dad leaving and then proceeds to cry for her grammy Karen (who is on a trip too)...oh, the joys.

Carter walks around the house yelling dadda...I had to move his work truck out of sight so he couldn't see it. I had to move it to the driveway but I am sure the busybody neighbor will call the police again on me. SUCKS!

Our driveway is actually part of the sidewalk. Don't ask me how come but it is. We are grandfathered in due to the fact the garage was built like 50 years ago. The sidewalk ends on our street and for 3 blocks there is NO almost all of the walkers, joggers, bikers and mommies just stay on the road. We do get the occasional walker on the sidewalk we try to keep the van over enough that they can just go around the bumper without entering the road. This week we had to move the trailer so the canopy, our love bug and my van fill the driveway. So I can't get over that far thus leaving the walkers to go off the curb. This is not something we do alot out of respect for the walkers. I try to keep a good clearing.

Why don't I park in the garage? Well, as the police officer told me "I can't fit in his garage why should he make me?" I don't fit either. That is whole nother story on the fact we have Stuff.

Why don't I move the bug? Well, I need a screwdriver to start it and well, that is so not me and the lack of brakes. Why don't I park on the street? Well, we have 4 vehicles and that would take up the parking and block my neighbor's parking. The road is very very unsafe. No white or yellow lines, cars fly down the road all day so to unload, load anything with 2 small kids they are bound to get hit.

So my neighbor ( the cop told me the one) moved in about a year ago, I have lived her 5 years. She is not the friendliest neighbor. Sigh. I wish she was. I wish she would talk to me. My other neighbor said to put a sign out that says " no trespassing Private property " I don't want to get that carried away. It just bugs me when I get the cops called on me! I keep my yard and I keep all the toys in the back for the fear of others thinking I am a mence to the neighborhood between all the kids and the escaping dog. Maybe I am a menace..but my other neighbors love me!! I bring the goodies at least once a month. Maybe I should bring her a Bree Vandekamp basket like on Desperate Housewives. Who knows, I know I just hate the cops ringing my door bell.

Well, off to help Miss america plan the party.

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Remember last summer, we had the cops called on us 6 times in 2 months? Yea ... we have a great new neighbor also. Glad the police are busy with you now, maybe they won't have time to respond to our neighbor this summer.

Hope Jeremy is having a GREAT time in Amman. Jeremiah is sure enjoying having the group there.

:) :) :)