Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I wonder what it will be like when my kids get older? what will Mother's day bring? Will they all be living close or will they call from miles away? Will they miss me? Will they send a real card or will I get a an email? What will it really be like? I am excited just thinking of it...and all these mother's days I think the same thing...how is this family going to grow?

I was thinking last night that every mother's day I feel stretched to go and visit my mom, my mom in law, and do something for myself. It can be a very wearing weekend. I stopped thinking that last night. I want to honor my mom and my mother in law. They are to very important people in my life. They love me , they love my husband and they love my kids. They walked the floors many nights for us. They changed our diapers, disciplined us , loved us, comforted us and supported us and worry about us.

So as of right now I feel as though I don't NEED a fancy mother's day. I don't WANT a fancy mother's day. I get Mother's day all year long. I get my kids living with me and being with me everyday. What will happen when they leave?

What I want to do Is take the day and Honor the moms in my life and the moms in my kids life. They have put more years into this Job then I have. They have stayed awake worrying about us, praying for us, crying for us and laughing with us.

Yes, I am a mom. Yes, I work hard all year. I just think the biggest gift I can give my children to to honor your grandparents, our moms because you will never understand my love for you until you have kids of your own and I believe that this day is just as important to to them as it is to me and to think of it any other way is kinda selfish on my part.

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Heather D

I totally agree.
But I would REALLY LOVE IT if I got to sleep in past 7 am.


Ok seriously, are you really that unselfish or are you trying to win the favorite daughter/daughter-in-law award? Because I want Mother's Day to be all about me! I love and cherish all the moms in my life too but I want to be included in the give thanks to moms day.
Love ya Tiff
p.s. I know you're really that unselfish.


Doon't forget the great-grandparents