Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yes, I am still here.....Just had a weird and busy week...Jeremy is getting packed. He leaves tomorrow!! He still needs a tetanus shot and well, a few more IMPORTANT things he is waiting to do!! How can I get him to be more stressed out???!! I mean what I am saying is sometimes I want him to be like Kate from Jon and Kate plus know the crazy screaming I need to get stuff done Kate??

Oh, I don't have much time to share with you what a week it has been...I wish I did. Hang on for a ton of posts coming your way!!

And THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who came by or mailed checks to support the trip!! We made our Goal!! I also packed Bubbles, tootsie pops, toothbrushes and paste along with some soccer balls!! Many, Many blessing to all of you!!

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