Monday, May 11, 2009

You can google ANYTHING!!

okay, So I maybe a bit slow to this whole computer world..but how jazzy is this!!?? You can put ANYTHING into google..I put in "packing list for Jordan missions trip" and BAM!! I got like 3 good lists! I find this whole thing AWESOME!! I have so many things to google...

* how to get pen off my couch, walls, clothes, blankets, tubs

* How to cut your children's hair from home

*how to raise a 12 year old

* how to tell if your child is in a gang (HA!! JOKING!)

* How to be the bestest friend

* How to twinkle your nose and land a cleaning fairy

Oh, the endless possibilities.......What will you google!?!?

4 ...Stalker Comments:


I love Google! I would Google:

How to convince a maid to work for free.

How to make millions in ten days without getting scammed.

How to keep my white couches white with four small kids.

The Kingsborough Queen how to lose 50 pounds in thirty days without changing how you eat or having to excercise!! let me!

The Kingsborough Queen

when i first read your post i giggled and posted a comment...wouldn't you know it, i had to eat my words! 5 minutes ago i just had to google how to get gum out of the dryer!!! NICE! so i am off to try the solution that everyone on google offered. spray and wash, let it sit, then wipe with dryer sheets...i will let you know. you rock. that's the last time i am going to make fun of you my friend! well maybe not the last...but you know i won't be so quick the next time. lol!!

Vintage Dutch Girl

Hee hee bout "How to lose postpartum weight?"

I'm SURE there's gotta be an easier way :)