Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon & Kate

Yes, I was one o the 10 million that tuned into the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Show last night on TLC and I was just sad for them. They have 8 kids and they looked like complete strangers at the birthday party. I could tell Jon was withdrawn and Kate was sad that her life was falling apart. Nobody but them knows what is true and what is not true. I believe the are ordinary people with extraordinary circumstances. I believe that they both have good intentions that have some how got lost. Kate seems to blame Jon know for the Paparazzi due to his " poor choices" Others say that Kate should not be shocked by the amount of press. She has book deals and tv shows..What did she think would happen?? Jon is just like any stay at home parent..well, almost like any stay at home parent, he does have 8 kid. He is lonely, feels like he has no purpose. Was this the life he had planned , probably not. Did Kate think she was going to have to fly around the country to work? Probably not. Did these 8 children think that their family would fall apart?? No.

Reports say they get 75,000.00 per episode. That is crazy. Could money have clouded there beliefs and principles? Why don't they just take a year off? Why don't they sign up for a Family Life Marriage seminar?? They need it!! Hello!?? We have a couple on the verge of divorce who cares if they have a tv show...they need help!

We have all watched the good,bad and the darn ugly. Don't we all have ugly? I mean really? Are we perfect? Do we say things to the ones we love that we REGRET right after we say them? Do they each have personal struggles? Don't we all struggle?

I don't know, that is just my take on it. I really think the priority is Kids first and in reality it needs to be marriage first. I saw sadness , despair and hurt in both of them, I think they should keep the show about the kids and not them...leaving them a bit more privacy to deal with the good the bad and the ugly.

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Well said!

So many parents of lots of children (or even a few children) get the equation backwards ... they put children first, before marriage. But, that is not how God designed it to be. When our marriage is our #1 priority (after our relationship with God) then He will give us the grace to focus (as partners) on the parenting.

mama of 13

Heather D

I couldn't get over when I was watching how they kept on saying, I'm here for my kids (which is important), but NEVER once mentioned that they loved each other or taking care of their marriage.
I firmly believe that the best thing for kids is for their parents to show love and compassion for each other.
My heart kind of broke for Kate. You could just see the hurt in her eyes. Yes, she's abrasive, but I think she really feels she is doing the best she can for her family. Jon acts like a victim, but come on, was Kate REALLY that different when they married? I'm sure she's always been bossy, domineering, etc. And it kind of seems like he's the kind of guy who needs that direction.
I hope that they all find peace. Those poor kids don't need to see their parents this way.

Ross and Taya

Amen. It is so sad and it is an illustration of what so many people are facing. They have millions of people watching them and 8 little kiddos watching even closer. We're praying that God saves the day and that they renew their commitment to each other again. It's not impossible... and even if it was impossible, God can make the impossible possible. Just imagine what would happen if they move towards oneness again? It is a huge opportunity to share hope with millions of people. What the enemy planned for evil, God could turn for good.