Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Today was the roughest day by far. Started out great! Woke up early, showered, cleaned the house and had a friend over. I even set limits on this darn computer so I could feel accomplished.


The kids seem to know that I am a PUSHOVER, I missed Jeremy's Instant messages 3 times and on the day I needed him the most. One of the boys was very naughty and the other one is sporting a new attitude like a brand new outfit. Miss America is busy...not naughty just busy. Carter has to be getting teeth. that would be the only explanation for such orneriness.

I used to be able to take on the world. I could accomplish all my to do's...when Jer was on the road for not so much. As I type this Mr. Attitude is learning to fluff flower beds the RIGHT way. I am not backing down. It is a simple chore. Not hard but when you spend 3 hours looking for something else to do other then your chore and then do your chore and it takes you 10 minutes I will march your butt back there and make you do it more push over..HAHHAHA ...right!

So here it is...I don't have much time..I need to do something uplifting. Good thing Gods Mercy and Grace is new each morning. I need it!

I am Thankful for....

Simple things, my husbands hand to hold. The smile of my children and a wonderful life. I do have a good life. If there where things to change I would but I need to remember God is control and I can only do so much.

I'm listening to...

Carter crying...he wants me to put on Matthew's shoes. Olivia and the neighbor boy playing and Matthew Huffing and puffing his way through the flower beds.

What's for Dinner Tonight... Mickey Mouse chicken Nuggets..Hey, I had that last Thursday!! Scrambled eggs and strawberries..what a combo!!

Missing....My husband. *Sigh*

...and that Boy scout shirt

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