Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

So here it Thursday already!! Where has the week gone...seem just like yesterday i was sitting on this computer eating bon-bons all the while my children where destroying my house..jumping on the coffee table..building forts..peeing outside..eating candy for breakfast..dumping out every toy from every organized bin..putting crayons up their nose and fighting with each tother..oh, wait that was YESTERDAY! HA!

Okay..Okay..Better late then is my Thursday's with Tiffiny..

So here is my weekly Thursday posting...Hope you enjoy!

I am thankful for...My mother in law...what an amazing woman..She is such an inspiring, caring, gorgeous women..who loves her children and her daughter in laws like they where her own..Loves her grandchildren.

She is never one to put you down or give you that disapproving eye..She is a mom to 4 boys who on their birthday's makes a meal just for them (and me!)...who passes on wonderful casserole recipes, opens up her home to anyone, creates traditions, career focused but at the same time family focused, she decorates her home beautifully and entertains with style. She loves hard and fights hard for her boys. She loves her parents and takes great care of them. She is a wonderful friend and a wonderful wife. So my friends..this week I am thankful for her..our life is ENRICHED BLESSED COMPLETE with her in it...Love you forever...

I'm listening to...Jeremy ask me a hundred million questions about his computer...URGHH...You don't and can't be a rocket scientist over night...figure it out :)

What's for dinner tonight....We had Spaghetti and garlic bread..NO CROCK POT!

What I'm looking forward to...Jada and Kayleigh's birthday...Matthew snow caving!Yes, he gets to go dig a hole in the snow and sleep in it..I am SOOOO SCARED!!! but he is a scout!
A partylite Spa party at Michelle' at home America party here...need stuff for my NEW RED KITCHEN!!...Cher is in town and so much more!!
Missing....A boy scout shirt :)

I can't wait to read your your week brings!!

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