Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jackin Prices..

Seriously people...yeah you with a business..I have one too...so hear me out... Please quit Jackin your prices. Today I ordered some candles from Party-lite candles. Anyone who knows me knows I love candles. I burn them everyday. I wake up I go the coffee pot and then light my candles. It gives me peace in a house where you will never find any. don't get me wrong..I do try to create a safe, warm loving atmosphere among the house but with 4 kids, 4 fish,1 dog, a husband and the dust bunnies...quiet is hard to come by. When it is quiet I know that one might be coloring on the walls, putting Backyardigian stickers on my hope chest, playing with Comet, eating my candles or had an accident. So I am not a big fan of quiet right now...peace yes,quiet no...

Anyways, Back to Jackin prices...Partylite..shame on you...You have taken away 3 of your best scents ( they are my top 3..and I am the candle queen) Jacked your prices and your shipping. Yes, my Partylite friends you do have the best candles around ( well, there is local lady who I love!) they burn to nothing, not wasting my money and can make my house smell wonderful covering up the pee & poop accidents on my carpet. Plus they had a great deal...order 1 dozen tealights get 2 free.

I also went to another local company and they jacked their prices! I know..minimum wage went up..It sucks, I know I have small business myself. But why must you jack your prices up 2.00 on each item? We charge 8.99 for a battery that can be used in your watch, car alarm,hearing aids and kids board books...and they last a lifetime!! when I hear people complain I cringe...we are not rich..we are not living in the lap of luxury..I mean my husband works 3 jobs sometimes. But we would not considering raising the price right now. People are struggling...they need us to be fair in price and competitive...and sometimes when people complain about the 8.99 for a lifetime battery..I see them drive to the car wash and pay 13.00 for a clean car for One week.

What is up with the fuel surcharge fees on stuff? Gas is down 2.00 a gallon right now then it was a while back...why must we keep paying those fees?

Next complaint on jacking the prices...The Keg Steak House...RIP OFF.....noting how money is tight we decided to take the kids to dinner on Sunday. Jeremy had been working alot and we could not really afford to do anything else and considering we had a 50.00 gift certificate to use we opted to go to dinner. I wanted to go the Zoo and leave the kids there but with gas prices..it wasn't economical

I told the older boys that if they could they needed to order form the kids menu , and try to keep every meal under 10.00. Olivia could Share with us. Dad could order whatever he wanted to eat and drink. It is always best to set the rules with teenagers BEFORE you get there so you don't hear them coughing up a hairball when you tell them they can't order the 30.00 meal. With me having the Lap band I though it was perfectly fine for Olivia and me to share our meal.

We sit down...I open the menu..the cheapest meal I could find!?!? 19.99..with out a salad!! Are you for reals!? Next because I am banded I can order form the kids menu...cheapest price 7.95 and the steak or ribs where 11.95. really? Your place looks like a 1980's lounge, your food is nothing to write home about and the waitstaff was talking about sex as they where preparing salads at the salad bar.

Kyoto's was cheaper then that and they give you a cooking show!! We did decide after watching how our 2 youngest acted in restaurant that we will keep them locked up in the van next time by ordering at a drive in style restaurant.

Maybe this won't do any good...but if for some reason PartyLite stumbles across my blog...I BEG YOU TO QUIT..jacking your prices!!

Ahh...am I being a bit harsh? I am I the only one who has had enough?


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Arlen_Kristy Johnston

I feel your pain. Not to scare you but hyper inflation is probably on the way. That's why we're working so hard at having milk, cheese and eggs without having to buy them.


Where do I get me one of those watch batteries?

The Erdmann Family

No you aren't the only one. I made that comment at Julie's party the other night....jacked up prices and we are making less...hmmm doesn't really make sense does it?