Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing witty

I am here....I just really have bloggers block! Skipped the Not Me! Monday! due to losing my mind over the last week. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. I would like to say I feel guided right now but I don't. I read my sister in laws new blog and it
brings me such relief to know that I we all have a story. Good or bad we all have one.

I woke up this morning after finally making it to bed at 10:30 last night (early for this momma) with finally feeling as though I can accomplish something but instead woke up with a sore throat and an icky nose. I am already feeling Blah..so that just topped it.

I log into play that darn Bejeweled game thinking that they have reset the scores and wouldn't you know I hit over 100,000 but it would not give me my medal. I had not beat my last score and they did not reset the board. Still leaving Ms. Jenn in first place. I close my eyes and can see the jewels falling into place. It is bad..but I did finish up all the laundry yesterday and grocery shopping before somebody called CPS telling them I starve my kids and they are filthy due to my addiction of that darned Facecrack bejeweled game.

Last night I heard the boys laughing so hard downstairs I had to laugh too. It has been awhile since they both laughed like that. Matthew had decided to TP Mikey's room. Matthew asked me if he could I told me that we only have 3 rolls left and they would be lucky if I went to Costco this week. He told me he had just enough. Mikey came back upstairs to tell me Olivia had gotten into the toilet paper again, I told him that I don't think It was Olivia...he quickly realized that it was Matthew. Mikey is on the next prank...

Olivia is really concerned about not being able to write her name out for preschool. She would like to learn it so they can move her to Kindergarten. we have been working on gathering up all the Binky's and putting them in an envelope with her letter to the Binky fairy...she will mail them off in return for a new Tinkerbell bike. She is overly excited to put her car seat into Gramie Karen's car and have Gramie take her to Great Wolf Lodge ( we are going there Spring Break) I told her Matthew and I will be joining her but she doesn't want us to. She only wants her Gramie and Papa. I told her Papa was not going and she started to get hysterical. Everything is Drama...the boys are calling her drama momma..

Stupid Dish network still has not renewed with Komo 4...that means I don't get to watch my top 3 favorite shows..unless I pull out the laptop. This was fun for the first few weeks and now it is pain in my butt. Seriously Dish network..get it together. I will be calling this week to pay the extra 5 bucks for another feed of ABC. Maybe I will feel like I am actually taking me time...and that might make me happier :)

Adventure Club will be coming to a close this week...this year has went by so fast...the boys will be out of school in no time. Oh, what to do with them...Matthew is go getter..he is already starting his own garden and has lined up 2 lawn mowing jobs. Mikey..needs to find a job. SOON!

Jeremy has been working a lot..I love this guy!! He is such a hard worker. I can see where Matthew gets it. Jeremy is raising money for his missions trip and with that we are doing a big garage sale. You know when we are starting to get busy when garage sales and opening day fishing is right around the corner! Olivia is so excited...Her princess pole is ready for Papa to help her get "big fish". She tells me they are to "heaby" for her so Papa will need to do it all for her. She tells me that Papa will let her drive his boat. Matthew tells her he won't because she will crash it. Of course...she starts crying. Matthew loves to get her going...okay, piss her off... to really let you know how it goes EVERYDAY between the 2 of them,

Well, the kiddos are stirring and I want to play the game at least 10 more times...Have a great day..I have all my posts on paper and soon will be getting them on here.

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A Tinerbell Bike? Oh, crap, our binky fairy is only offering new sticker books! I will have to go have a talk with her...

The Kingsborough Queen

you guys will have a blast at great wolf! that's the cutest little condiment i have ever seen by the way! how did he get up there?