Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesdays....

I am "stealing" mu husbands laptop..I really need to get mine fixed to run faster..I need to back up my pictures first..that is why I am avoiding using mine and "stealing" his..He bought this for work and the only work I see him do is kick butt on spider solitaire!!!

Here are a few random pictures that are on his computer...My grandma died 2 years ago..and the only pictures we have are on here. He has lots of clock fixing pictures...

Instead of Tightwad Tuesday's I am going to do my very own Frugal Friday's post...I have so much to blog in general but the more readers I get the more I freeze up in blogging..Bloggers block...That's what I have right now...


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Hi Tiffiny,
I remember those awesome pictures of Gramma that are on Jeremy's laptop, I'm glad to see them on the blog. =) That was really neat to be able to scan those for your family, Robert, and Aunt Patty. I hope your home computer can get fixed up good, it's a nice one. Take care and give your family our family's love. Cuz Joey.