Monday, March 9, 2009

Front Row

I do not like sitting in the front row at church. I don't even like sitting in the first 10 rows at church. I can I go to church and get so insecure about sitting towards the front. It is almost like a death sentence. I get so nervous and worry the whole time on what people are thinking of me. Sad!?! I know...we are in church!!!

Last week my darling husband sat us in the 3rd row. I could not focus on the sermon. I kept praying that I would quit worrying what people I could listen with an open heart. I wasn't impressed with my darling husband. He knew I get anxiety sitting in the front.

So this week knowing how he loves sitting towards the front I took off to the VERY FRONT row!! He looked at me like " WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" I smiled and thought well..if you want the front then go for it and that I did...and I LOVED IT!!! I had to get over the fear that 1) our children's number would start flashing any moment for us to get them and we must leave the front row and WALK in front of everyone 2) that when I worship there would be people thinking bad things...3) we would always have to have the front row...

I have no idea why I am sharing this but It was a life changing moment...I was filled to the brim yesterday!! I have no idea if it was because of the front row or if it was because I did cast my fears to the side and went for was empowering!!

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Yea Tiffiny!!!

We always sit in the 2nd row ... and we have to get there 20 minutes early so that we can have the WHOLE row.

However, this week we had to sit in the very back row during worship, because we were involved in the service. (We carried the cross up to the stage.) Anyway, none of us could focus on worship at all, because there were way too many distractions. We so missed our upfront seats.

Welcome to the front row!

Laurel :)


Hehe, I saw you guys in the front row...i thought, how brave she is...I made it up to the 3rd row that day. ;) Perhaps we will join you in the front row next time!