Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not Me Mondays

Hello my faithful follower's!! Hello my new found blogging friends!! Here is to another week of the NOT Me's. I don't know if you guys truly enjoy the every Monday post but I do..and I am going to do it just so my kids will some day see that I am not they need a blog to tell them.

It was NOT me who tried so hard to dodge the cute little faces outside the grocery store selling those no good poison cookies. It was NOT me who could not resist just a few more boxes to my already depleted stash. I did NOT just tell the whole world that I have a problem with those cookies.
It was NOT me who put juice in the bottle because ran out of milk and could not pull off going to the store tight then and there. It was NOT me who grounded the boys on their 4 day weekend due to bad grades and attitudes and it was NOT me who used them as yard boys.
It was NOT me who had NO guilt doing NOTHING on Sunday to the point her husband actually commented on the house and loaded and unloaded the dishwasher 2 times!

Have a great week!! I am still working on my Frugal Fridays!! I have some great stuff!!

I have noticed I have to use two !! every time :)!!

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