Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yep, Jeremy made into the USA...Only after his loving, hot, super supportive, mom to his wonderful kids stood in line waiting for the Department of health to open at 8:30am and then driving all the way to the Sumas Border to hand him the piece of paper to prove he was born. I told him to call his mom and have her talk to the border agent. He didn't think that was such a good idea. Anyways, He is safe and sound!!

Ms. America needed a new swimsuit so she spotted the tutu Tinkerbell suit and had to have it! Best money I have ever spent. Bought it on Saturday and she has yet to take that thing off. Don't worry I have given her a bath. Oh, I love her! Pictures soon! She is excited about Easter. I do believe that this is her favorite Holiday. We talk about Jesus everyday and try to explain to her the meaning of Easter but she is only focused on getting the eggs in her Princess basket ( which I will not buy for her)

Today she spilt my coffee all over my Planner. My precious planner. My life. My love. ruined. When I noticed what she had done...She quickly reminded me that I have Jesus in my heart and that I should not get mad.

Matthew is just getting over a nasty cold. Spent the last 3 days home from school. I am starting to get it. I have been loading up on the vitamins!!

Carter is walking all over. He loves to be outside and as of yesterday I brought all the toys to the deck and put up the gate. He love his cozy coupe car.

Mikey is working on passing all of his classes and is looking for a job. He went and got a few applications. Now I just need him to fill them out.

Carter is sleeping in the crib. It hasn't been to bad I must say. I love having my room back.

Jeremy will be graduation from his Bible class!! Very Proud of him and all he has learned. The class is going to Bethlehem and Jordan in May. Through much prayer and sacrifice he is planning on joining his class on the mission trip. He is looking forward to doing Gods work. They have so much planned for the days he will be there.

And Me? well, I have been a bit sluggish lately. Not sure why. I see the back specialist on the 6th and form then they will decide if another surgery is needed. I am pretty anxious. This road to recovery is LONG!! Not sure how much more I can take. I have Faith in the Lord that this is his perfect plan for us but at times it really sucks. Point Blank...I hate it. I hate not being able to live my life like I want to. I hate having limitations. I have also learned to take each day and work it to my advantage. Like laying on the horn when I can't unload from a big Costco trip and watching everyone scurrying to get their shoes on to help me. Nice!! No, seriously...I am learning to bridge the gap from where I was to where I am now.

I am still working on my Frugal Fridays Blog postings!...This is my passion. I am a lover to being frugal. I am not the best at it but I am learning...more to come!

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So glad Jeremy made it back into the U.S. Now, he needs to get a passport to go to Jordan and Israel, and then he can use it for Canada, too.

And, since Jeremy is going to Jordan ... he will get to be with my dear son Jeremiah. So, now I know who I can send a little care package with. We'll be in touch.