Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I should just be stinky

I can't believe how hard it is to take a shower..I mean really!?! I never ever thought that this would be a problem..

Carter still sleeps in our room. Thankfully NOT in our bed but in play pen. He will not sleep in a crib..he will not even play in the crib..actually Olivia will still sleep in there even though she has a bed. Carter does not sleep through the night..Getting better waking up 1-2 times for a binky or bottle.

If I wake up and shower before everyone gets up I run a hellish schedule all day but at least I don't stink..Here is why showering in the morning sucks..1) carter wakes up in a GROUCHY mood 2) Olivia will wake up in a GROUCHY mood because she is not ready to get up. They are not morning people. They enjoy taking their sweet time waking up. So If they wake up before they are ready they are miserable..

Today...I shower at 1:15pm..I know..I know..ridiculous! I am frantically calling Liv's name..no answer...so I hurry..only to have her come running in after I get out of the 3.2 minute shower to tell me there is lady on the phone..Carter wants out of his high chair ( I placed it in front of the TV) She spilled all the puffs and banana bread is squished all over the white (well once was white pre-4 kids) carpet, she tried to make chocolate milk..I promise this shower was only 3 minutes!!

As I am come out in a towel..to see the mess I start to walk back to my room only to see her place Carter on the skateboard and push him and before I could say the word..he was screaming..he cut his lip and has a nice big bump on his forehead.
So Is Showering really worth it? Not today...

Note: The lady on the phone was from the school..I tried to call back but there is 61 phones in the school..no idea who it was..

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Heather D

I just got a shower too. But I'm ahead for today - I usually don't get one till Brian gets home...