Sunday, March 15, 2009


Maybe I am just worn out. Maybe I am depressed. Maybe I am missing a vitamin. Maybe I need the sun to fill me up with some good ol' vitamin D ( I am SOO number 13 LOW!) Maybe I need an overnight trip away? Would that really work? Maybe a housekeeper? What would it take so I can get past this hurdle? 10 hours of sleep?

I find myself not wanting to leave the house. It seems like way to much work to go anywhere and the whirlwind that is created by us just trying to leave the house is NOT worth it. I have every drawer open in the little kids room, my clothes all over the floor, the living room looked like Toys R US threw up in the middle of it. My bathroom looks like the health and beauty Isle at Target after My kids have gone through it.

Do you know that it takes approx. 30 minutes per house member to get ready to leave? I am serious. 3 HOURS..3 hours I am busy trying to get out the door. If we need to do it fast we can..but that only means one thing...BIG FAT MESS awaits me when I get home. That leads me to the next area..why do I struggle so much with making sure that this house is perfect at all times? I want more from this parenting adventure!!! What can we do with no money or very little money? What can we do with 2 different age groups of kids?

I can't wait to hear form you!! I need inspiration!!..or maybe a housekeeper.

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Heather D

Maybe do some volunteer work with the kids, something they can participate in. My friend Andrea did a really great 30 days of giving thing with her small children before Christmas, here's the link:
Also, don't ignore your feelings - I went through a similar spell a few years ago and finally went to see my doctor when I was having a hard time even getting out of bed. He had some good advice and meds (that I only needed for a short time) that helped pull me out of my funk. Sometimes you need a kick start.

Rosalie Vrieling

I had four kids in 3&1/2 years. I felt the same way you do. My in-laws would drop in and I'd start making excuses for my messy house and here was my Mother-in-laws response to me, "thats clean dirt" and I have never forgot that. If the kids make a mess it is not filthy dirt. They will remember the times you played with them or took them out McDonalds for a Happy meal. They will not remember that the house was perfect or a mess.


Here is a tip from my mom and several of my mommy friends who are ULTRA together and always ontime. The night before you go anywhere or even if staying home, lay out the kid's outfits, pre-pack lunches or snacks if you will be gone over lunch hour, pre-pack your car (ie, returns, beach toys, post office items, etc). These easy steps are huge time savers and cut down on chaos when trying to get out of the house, I will do this if I know I need to be somewhere early and ontime. BUT we also stay home a lot.

Arlen_Kristy Johnston

It is so much work to leave the house especially if I'm doing it myself. I pack everything I can the night before. I start loading the boys in their car seats 45 minutes before I have to be any where even if its just in Lynden. But I still don't go shopping with the kids because I have no where to put the stuff I buy because the cart or triple stoller is full of kids and their stuff.

We go to a great natorupathic doctor if you think it could be something medicially. He's really helped me with some things. Let me know if you'd like his info.


This is the struggle of all moms, so don't beat yourself up! I say so what works for you! Some quick things that help me stay organized is; having a little dry erase board that I write down the agenda for the next day before I go to bed. I write down the times that each thing is going to occur, it helps me think ahead to when the best time would be to leave the house when you look over the whole day. I have a chore chart for my kids. They do one set chore for each day of the week. and of course they clean whenever I ask them to as well! Make a set time everyday to clean. Also putting everything in the car the night before works great.....if I can remember to do that! =)
Also---If you have any frugal tips, let me know!


oh, i remember this soooo well-ok, not really, but sometimes i get that feeling back when someone else's kids are freaking out. i had 5 kids in 6 years (including twins) and there are years that i don't remember much of. and then i look back on old videos from when the kids were little and i was actually nice to them-i thought i was a raging lunatic all the time! i'm glad they at least have some memories of me NOT freaking out. come to think of it-i was probably just being nice for the camera so they'd leave me alone and i could go lay back down on the couch!! our oldest is 17 and our twins are 11 now-and sometimes when it's all quiet and the house is empty...i laugh. not because it's funny but because i remember people telling me to 'enjoy them because they grow up so fast'. i wondered if i punched them out if i could go to jail...just for some quiet. and now it is quiet (until the get home from school!!) and i really do miss it sometimes...then i just borrow my nieces and nephews and get it out of my system ;) hang in there-your household sounds so much like mine did! just do a lot of laughing, a little crying, tons of luvin' and the bare minimum of cleaning!!