Sunday, March 1, 2009

What to do....

Jeremy could not find his cell phone this weekend..I mean we looked everywhere. I was pretty sure it was sitting on the arm of the living room chair Thursday night when I went to bed.

Matthew told me that he tried to call dads number today and this crazy song was coming on with the first ring. I dialed the number and sure enough I knew it had been stolen. I thought to my detective self that the person who stole this is using this phone so I went on-line and found out they had used 184 minutes, 174 text messages and over 12 downloads. During my searching I found that this person tried to call Mikey during the stolen time frame.

I called Mikey told him he had 10 minutes to get his butt (not sure if I used that word) home and find Jeremy cell phone. Jeremy was on the phone with the cell phone carrier shutting the phone off. Mikey comes home (like RIGHT away) to start calling the numbers w found on-line.
First one...Bam!! We find that it one of Matthew's friends. WHAT!!!!!!!! Matthew's friend? So I call back...super nice (i promise!) and ask if he is been getting text from our number. He said no. I said ___ don't lie to me...I know you have. He quickly told me "oh, yeah that is ______new phone" Thanks honey have a great night...
Oh, _______ new phone? Oh, really? She got a new phone alright by stealing mine!!
Jeremy and I go to the house only to find the mom home. The mom asks what our number is and I told her and she replied' yes, she has your phone" WHAT!!?? Then she proceeded to give me a long story on how she got her a phone but it was a trax phone and when the mom asked what the number was the girl gave her our number.
About 20 minutes later the girl showed up with our phone..I gave her the long lecture on stealing and how I forgive her but she needs to pray to out Heavenly Father for forgiveness. I gave her the mommy speech..only because her mom did not come with her..WHAT!? Yep,she had the girl, who was staying with her cousins walk to my house bring the phone and then walk back to her cousins even though she lived next door and her mom was home. The mom knew that there was over 100.00 in charges and still did not do anything about it.

Knowing that her mom is single and works 50 hours week and mostly weekends as a bartender I couldn't bring myself to call the police or yell at her. I felt bad for her in a way. She has nobody to process this with. Nobody to walk through the shame and embarrassment with her. As she ran down the street heart was full of compassion for someone who just stole from me.

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The Erdmann Family

That is very sad. More the fact that the mother, who is probably stressed and freaked out over her daughter's behavior, didn't step up to the plate and at least apologize or offer something. Even if you didn't take it. Makes you wonder where the child learned that behavior. So sad....:-(


Sometimes, calling the police is a good thing. The kids (and their moms) need to know how serious this is.

In our little town, we do have policemen who will pay a visit to the offending teen (and Parent) to give them a little scare, even if you aren't going to press charges.

As for paying the bill ... I understand why you want to have some grace with this single mama who is working hard. But ... I would tell the dear girl that you will not press charges, IF she agrees to do "x amount" of work for you. Cleaning house, weeding the flower beds, etc... She really needs to have to "pay" for what she has done, or next time her crime might get her into a lot more trouble.

Just a few thoughts ... I TOTALLY understand that your heart wants to help, but sometimes these "kids" need to be held accountable.

Laurel :)


By the way ... GREAT detective work!

:) :) :)