Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I am Thankful for

This week I am Thankful for my Best friend Jenn..We are so Opposite...Night and day different. Our political views are very different. She has Organization skills I have NONE. I Cook everyday..she cuts her fingers every time she is in the kitchen. what makes us best friends? I was thinking of this the other day....Her heart is pure as Gold. She is not judgmental. She looks at every situation with calmness. Something I don't do. She is giving!! She never brings Kayleigh over with out something for Olivia. She spoils Matthew and always has. She has no siblings however we are as close as sisters. She is honest with me at all times even if it hurts. I cannot remember a time in over 15 years I have gotten mad at her. I love her. She impacts my life daily.

My heart has been full of gratitude for those around me who love me and my family. who love my children and take time to nurture relationships with us. I really feel this is the best thing I can EVER give my children is relationships. A Relationship with the Lord and with people..some we call family and other we call friends.

I am Listening to.....

The Backyardigians...Carter's new thing is to actually lay on the couch for a whole show!! How awesome is that!?! I get to be a complete lazy mom for 30 minutes!! or 30 hours!! HA!!

What's for dinner?

Crock pot...Spicy Steak and vegis over noodles.YUMMO!

I am looking forward to....

Finding that missing Boy Scout shirt...I am going to have a giveaway party when I find that darn thing...Maybe the lucky blog commenter will win the boy scout shirt considering I might not need it!!...Okay, maybe I will just in CASE I lose the new one.

Spring Break...We are going to spend the night at the Great Wolf Water park!!

I am looking forward to the sun sticking around for a few days at time...My yard is calling me!!

I am also looking forward to kicking Jenn's cutie patootie on Bejeweled!!

I am Missing....

My Blog time..I always think of so much to blog about...But lately I am not sure if I should post. I felt better knowing that I didn't have very many readers...and now I get bloggers block thinking of what all you might have to say to me. So maybe now that I am not blogging as much I can look for the Boy Scout Shirt!!

Happy week to all of you!

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Hey, don't let your readers stop you from posting. If they don't like what you have to say, they can go elsewhere. But chances are, they will, or they wouldn't be reading your blog in the first place!

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