Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to the LOVE of my life

Today is my husbands 35th Birthday...WOW!! I can't believe he is 35..Not that it is old but considering I remember going out with him for his 19 birthday..Time has just flown by!!

Matthew thinks we are so old! I swear we are not!! Just because I do not know how to download itunes to the I-pod or set up the DVR to record or protect shows. He hangs over us when we are on the laptop trying to walk us through programs...WE ARE NOT OLD!! I still have cute hair!

Anyways, I love you my darling husband! Happy Birthday...I am so thankful you are part of this world and even more thankful to your mom and dad for raising such a wonderful man and father to our children!

Here's to many more years of birthdays...and it is okay that our kids think we are just means we are smarter then them.

4 ...Stalker Comments:


You do have cute hair ... and you are so NOT old.

When you get old, that would mean I am really old, and I don't intend to be really old for a very long time. (My little ones will keep me young for many years to come.)

:) :) :)


Your hair is always cute!

Rosalie Vrieling

Yes I remember this day so well 30 years ago. We were at the hospital and Jerry was so proud when he came out and told us he had a boy. I love you all. Grandma

Arlen_Kristy Johnston

Happy Birthday Jeremy! You're not old! I didn't realize we were only 5 years apart. When we were kids you seemed so much older than me but you're not old at all. Have a great day!