Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When the phone rings at 3:40 am do you ignore it? NO! You are already finding the phone in a panic..thinking that a loved one has been killed. Okay, maybe that is just me but pure adrenaline kicks in.

So when MY phone rang at 3:40 in the morning I get up and get it all the while saying a little quick prayer that everything will be okay. It is my husband. He is stuck in Canada with NO birth certificate. He wants me to bring in to him so he can cross and finish working. I should have had him call his mom and go claim him...like an animal at the pound.

My eyes are glued shut my head is foggy and through the blah..blah..blah...I got this out of it....

I need you. I need you. I can't manage paperwork or let alone taking out the trash without you. I need a list given to me everyday of what you need from me. I will in return give you a list of all the things I can do myself but would rather play on the weekends then do them. I can't live my life without you. I have needed a secretary and a maid my whole life and I found one.

All he heard...

Are you for reals? I will call you back. I need to think. You did WHAT? Did they tell you that YESTERDAY when you went through? You knew YESTERDAY that it was not in your wallet? When did you plan on finding it? This really irritates me.

So I go to the filing cabinet...look in the folder of all the birth certificates and WhOO NELLY...there is everyone BUT Jeremy's. WTHeck? Really? Seriously? I can't think. I am now really super pissed all the while saying quick Little prayers to help me find it.

after 1 hour I am done. I have ripped apart the filing cabinet. Dug through every piece of paperwork. I can't find his stupid birth certificate. I call him. He is worried they might keep him Canada. I am thinking..Good, serves your irresponsible butt right...then I think..oh, poor guy..he had to call his wife at 3:40 in the morning..knowing she went to bed at 12am and tell her what an idiot he was. I know he must feel really bad. Then the pissy me starts thinking....okay, you don't want to know. It wasn't pretty and his mom reads the blog.

So No birth certificate. He is trying to make it through the border as we speak. But I can't search anymore...Matthew has been throwing up since 4:50am...

Looks like I Will standing in line at 8:30 am a the health department with 2 screaming kids in tow.

Ahh..the things we do for Love....Yes, I still love him.

On a good note....

I can play Bejeweled with out interruption.

Carter slept in his crib for the very first time last night!!! Only woke up once and didn't wake up Ms. America. Maybe just maybe I will get my room back!! If I don't I think I will paint the bathroom walls blue throw up his name and call it his room.

2 ...Stalker Comments:


Hope he made it back. But, after making you so mad, maybe he decided to stay in Canada for a few days while you cooled down. :)

Yes, if/when my phone rings in the middle of the night, I immediately think, "Who died?" "Who's been in an accident?"

I would NOT have been happy if my dh called me at 3:40 am from the border because HE forgot to take that very important little piece of paper with him. No ... not happy!

And, then to be followed by a child throwing up. I would probably just leave the mess for dh to clean up when he gets released from border patrol prison.

Hope your day is going better!

Laurel :)

Heather D

Hope you've recovered.
I hate it when the phone rings in the middle of the night. But look at it this way, no one was hurt.
Well, not at that point at least ;)