Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's With Tiffiny

Had to give the Bejeweled a rest and hop on over to give you the scoop on our life. You know the title of the blog..The story of our life? It should be called the story of my life. Gone are the days of sleeping. Gone are the days of showering with out 2 kids dumping boxes of cereal on the floor , hitting each other, locking one in the cupboard until he is screaming hysterical and I have to get out soaking wet and rescue him. Normally I can handle my life...I just roll with the flow...the flow of getting JACK CRAP done all day. I play with my kids, I love on my kids, I try and make my kids obey , I read to my kids, I show my kids how to Text, blog and surf facecrack all day. I have even showed them how to play Bejeweled. Matching the colors. Olivia likes the diamonds the best. Thanks Gramie!
Anyways, Sorry for the rambling...I guess your here to read Thursday's with Tiffiny...You should check out my Partner in crime. Thursday's with Tiffani She is another mom here in town..Met her once years ago at a BBQ..we are VERY similar..Maybe we could meet someday of we could find our car keys or get off the computer and get the kids dressed.

I am Thankful for

I don't normally have a problem with this one. I am thankful everyday I am thankful for everything. From toothpaste to my right to vote and have children. But I have been a little stressed lately. I really don't have nay need to be..who doesn't have stress? I mean we all do..I am Thankful I have stress which means I have a life.

I am Listening to.....

Olivia munching on Popcorn. She waits everyday for Carter to go to bed so she can get a bag of popcorn.

What's for dinner?

Taco soup...Jeremy's Favorite...I am going to Chuckee cheese for dinner!!

I am looking forward to....

BUNKO on Friday..Having a garage sale..I got my room done today..every nook and cranny De cluttered and cleaned!! It feels like I just moved in! Okay, take out the darn playpen and the 1year old and It would feel like I just moved in..I am still pretending we are downsizing to a 3 bedroom apartment!

I am Missing....

The sun!! It really is making me go crazy!! So crazy I still can't find the darn Boy Scout Shirt...and yes, I had to buy a new one!! 71 bucks Later...

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Now that you have bought the new boy scout shirt, you will find the original, that is how it works, you know!

I would love to meet you (again) although I must admit I don't remember the first time. What barbecue was it? And we can meet up with our kids in jammies, I don't think either of us would care! ;)

Hope you get out of your funk, the sun is coming out soon.