Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I am Thankful For.....

for having the 2 older boys home today. Yes, I am a slave driver and they are my slaves. They think I am their personal ATM...we are cleaning out the garage and the down stairs craft room...HA!!It is not really a craft room....I am NOT crafty!! Nope, not me. I like to use the would sounds better then "my crap room"

Jeremy is bringing his store home. Don't know the exact date yet...but we are needing to prepare.

I am Listening to.....

The fish tank...Everyone is still asleep..

What's for dinner?

We are trying corned beef in the crock pot..They had it for 4.00 at Safeway!! Never tried it but it is meat...add brown gravy and I am SURE the boys will eat it. everything is better with brown gravy.

I am looking forward to....

Cleaning the garage...the "crap room"...the yard...Very ambitious with the kids free time.

I am Missing....

the winning lottery must be inside the MISSING Boy Scout Shirt.

**** If you could all bow your heads and say a little (OKAY HUGE BIG)prayer that I find that thing over the next 2 days...I need to replace it by Tuesday and it is like 75.00*****

3 ...Stalker Comments:

Heather D

Corned beef is AWESOME! Throw some carrots in the pot. And potatoes. Yum. I love it with cabbage too, and spicy mustard.
Going to buy some today!
(if you have any leftover make corned beef hash)

The Kingsborough Queen

how does the "crap" room look now!! i was so excited that you were getting that done...your house is going to feel even bigger. how was the corned beef?


What size of boy scout shirt are you looking for? They have them every once in a while at my "favorite store". I can look if you want. Let me know.