Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I hate facebook...It has consumed my life. I have turned into one of those husbands that play video games into the whee hours of the night. Ignoring their children and their wives. The next step in the addiction would be Not showering for days.
I feel it coming. I am going to have to cancel my facecrack account if that happens.

Darn you 25 things, darn you Bejeweled Game, darn you status stupid updates, darn you friend requests!!

If you don't have a facebook account..DON"T do it!! You have no idea how it will suck you in! It will take over your life. One friend is all you need to be an addict.

At first I was excited over the friend request...Log in over morning coffee and BAM! you have people wanting to be your friend..I don't know if the really want to be your friend because most of the time you would be to shy to say anything to them in public. I wonder if all 200 of my "friends" would come to my funeral or send me money if I need it.

Do you how many people I talk to who actually sneak themselves off-line and then just refresh the home page to see what everyone else is doing? I wouldn't know I don't abuse my facecrack like that.

I also know that if where really honest on our status updates people will remove us from their friends or think we are really messed up. Would people really want to know this?

Tiffiny is yelling at her kids to not jump off the kitchen table.
Tiffiny is drinking her 3rd glass of wine
Tiffiny has not removed her butt from this computer for 1 hour and 31 minutes.
Tiffiny has packed her bags she is looking to run away.
Tiffiny should not have been out so late and now is a crabby at her kids.

Oh, and you Bejeweled game...I read about you...It says that it is for gaming and just for fun...Give me break...you team me up with MY friends and rank me and you say it just for fun!?! I am a LOSER...I can't beat Jenn or Leah if I tried...and every time I log in it tells me someone has kicked me out of my spot...c'mon Bejeweled...your not nice..your like a mean cousin who teases you and then says it was just for fun...IT is NOT fun when your the LOSER...and people rank over you!!

Anyways...I am off to lie on my status..Play a game or two or hundred and then crawl into bed and VOW never to touch that nasty Faecrack again.

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I don't have a facebook account, even though I have so much peer pressure from my 5 oldest kids to get one. No ... not me.

I am too addicted to blogging, that I can't possibly add another addiction to my life. Then, I would never go to bed at night. Bad mama!

Did you read my blog post about internet addiction ... last Friday? Yes, I think you have an addiction ... which, according to this article that I found, is actually a sign of mental illness.

So, looks like I'll be seeing you at the mental hospital when our kids decide to turn us in to the mental health police.

Laurel :)
mama of 13

I inherited my insanity from my children.
They were addicted first.

The Kingsborough Queen

hysterical!! i laughed so hard!!

Heather D

I think we should start a support group. Between facebook, blogging and bejeweled, I'm getting nothing done!


We should vow to do an all new Thursdays with Tiffiny/Tiffani and tomorrow put actual status updates on facebook. Are you in? Come on, I'll do it if you will do it! (Peer pressure!)

Arlen_Kristy Johnston



You crack me up! I am sure if I could stay home I would be so sucked in to! I feel like my 20-40 minutes a night is way excessive! I really want to start blogging, but that would probley be the end all of my addictions!



Tiff! You are the greatest! I can't stop playing "Bewitched" either and I suck at it too!

Sara Joy

Your status updates made me laugh out loud!!! I love it!!!!! I think we should all be honest on there with our updates. Heck arent they all our "friends" anyways? (LOL)