Monday, March 9, 2009

Not me Mondays

Oh, the joy of being a mom....If you have not heard about Not me Monday's I urge you to check out MckMama Blog...You can do this too...It is not hard...don't pretend you don't encounter just one thing in your week that might make others cringe..your just being honest and living to tell about it!!

It was NOT me who was suckered in to 3 more boxes of those darn Girl Scout Cookies to add to my stash. It was NOT me who thought we could ration them until Summer.

It was NOT me who went and Hijacked the neighbors swing set because I did not want to load up the kids to take them to the park. I need a swing Set.

It was NOT me who went through the local coffee stand and ordered 2 coffees using her buy one get one free for hot and one cold for the next morning. I limit myself to one coffee a week. So this way I got two for 3.85!!

It was NOT me who decided stock upon ice melter knowing my husband would be upset that I bought 4 bags the last Snow we got for the one day. He was thinking that we wouldn't need it. It was NOT me who was laughing at him this morning..Doing the " I have salt for my walkways dance"

It is NOT me who is just a tad bit excited for my best friend as she might be facing the Summer off with me..I am Sad for her, I promise. I am NOT a bit selfish.

It is NOT me who decided to spell things wrong for a certian someone who is my spelling NAZI.

Have a great week!! What did you NOT do this week?

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