Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday's...

Oh, the joy of being a mom....If you have not heard about Not me Monday's I urge you to check out MckMama Blog...You can do this too...It is not hard...don't pretend you don't encounter just one thing in your week that might make others cringe..your just being honest and living to tell about it!!

I did NOT catch Miss America in the bathroom playing with the whole thing of Comet that I did NOT leave out. I did NOT freak out I did NOT grab the phone ready to call Poison Control. I did NOT have my husband give me the lecture. I did NOT have him rinse her down and then bath her. I did NOT let Carter accidentally down leaving him to crawl into the bathroom just to have my husband bath him too. I did NOT apologize for accidentally letting Carter find them in the bathroom.

I did NOT buy 4 boxes of Girl scout cookies and I did NOT hide them in the van for my personal consumption. Nope NOT I! I do NOT have a weak spot for any child selling anything even if I am on a budget.

I did NOT put my children to bed at 6:45pm and then ignore all my night time chores just so I could start reading a book and be in bed by 8:45 myself.

I did NOT pretend to be sleeping at 3;00am just so my husband could get up and get the baby a bottle.

I did NOT tell my persistent little girl that the library had a fire so we could not go on Wednesday. I did NOT hear my husband when he asked if every place she wants to go to had a fire.

I did NOT go out for the 3rd Friday in a row with my girlfriends , certainly not leaving my husband with the kids.

What an adventureous week!! I am sure you have had a better week then me NOT doing anything!