Friday, March 13, 2009

8,000 Hits!!

I know..I know..Small things give me such JOY!! The Story of Our Life has received 8000 hits!! That only means 3 things...

1) You are BORED and find yourself blog stalking me

2) You really care about the ramblings of our life

3) You need to get a job


We are doing a Giveaway!! Thanks to my crafty and fabulous friend Sarah over at
Slo Day Designs we are giving away some of her wonderful baby items!! She has made some hair pretties along with a burp cloth and bib set!! These will make a great gift or you can use them yourself!! She will be offering a ton of new spring designs! Keep checking her blog.

Just leave a comment..and we will enter your name into the drawing!! I will ship them to you for a 100.00 shipping service fee......okay, not for a 100 bucks I will do it for FREE! I am just super nice like that.

You can also visit Sarah's Blog by clicking the link on the Left hand side of my page! If your looking for that one of a kind baby will find it at Slo Day Designs!!

10 ...Stalker Comments:

Heather D

Yes, I do stalk you and I do need a job! Congrats on 8000!


Okay I'll admit it... I am a stalker! Those hair pretties are adorable. Pick me, pick me! :)

Leah R

I admit.....I also stalk your blog!! But I love reading about your family, it always puts a smile on my face :)

Kelli Baar

I am not a stalker just a girl looking for freebies!! Pick me please! Your page is adorable by the way!


1. I really do care about the ramblings of your life...absolutely LOVE you guys!!
2. I've been known to do a bit of blog stalking.
3. doesn't apply to me :-D

pick ME instead of jenn ... hahah

Congrats on 8000!! woo hoo! :-D

The Kingsborough Queen

I am all 3. bored, blog stalker and really care about your lives!! can't believe you hit 8,000!! YAY for you! I love every little thing about your blog...from the family updates and pics, to the polls!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hair pretties and all of her other crafty stuff!!


Tiffiny..your blog is adorable. I just started one today and now I know whose blog to go to for inspiration! haha! Don't enter me into the SLO day contest though...i know the owner pretty well so Brinkley is SLO day stocked. :-)

Arlen_Kristy Johnston

Yes, I'm a stalker too!

Rosalie Vrieling

I am not a staker but I check your blog everyday to see what you are writing. It is so interesting. You should be published. Love you all Grandma

Klander Mom

I stalk your blog too... Your my sister and I have to read your blog to find out whats going on in your life:) Love ya