Monday, March 16, 2009


I tried to get the computer to randomly draw the lucky number comment but I was having problems figuring it out..Okay, My kids where screaming in the background. One was trying to body slam the other as one was yelling at them to use their hands for helping not hitting.

So I had them pick a number between 1-10 and then they argued like all good kids and chose the number 3..well actually Olivia wanted 3 because she is 3 years old!! So the WINNER is Ms. Leah Roorda!! YIPPEEEE SKIPPEEE!! I will deliver your goodies on Friday!!

All of you keep stalking me for the 10,000 views giveaway!! I have some fun things planned!! Oh, I love this...Thanks for making my days brighter you big LOVABLE audience!

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WOW!! I am a winner! I NEVER win anything!!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Thanks Tiff!!