Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a great deal...

Yesterday we met Brooke and Dane at The Jump Around Fun Zone. A perfect way to spend a rainy cold windy Washington day. We have so many of them days no wonder why the place was packed. Olivia likes going and I think Carter will too when he can speak and communicate with others. If it wasn't for Brooke holding him I think we would have just packed up and left. It was his first time there actually being able to walk.

It was so busy chasing both kids that I did not notice about 7 sippy cups on the table that he thought he could get into...dumping one on another moms purse (I am so sorry!) he tried to give a 5 month old kisses and made the baby cry (I am so sorry) He was also pushed to the ground, drug out of the play house and kicked down the slide. I would think he had enough...I know I did. Sure enough when it was time to go He screamed and cried. I think the longest I sat down was about 10 minutes while he was in the high chair. I really do not have enough arms or brain cells when going to a place like that with so many people. It was standing room time I think we might just go to McDonald's.

Anyways, they have some great coupons out there. We had a coupon magazine called
" My Hometown values" delivered to the store with tons of great coupons in them. When I was talking to the owner he said that you can go to the website and print them off from there. They have buy one admission get one free , 2.00 one admission and other birthday party ones.
I was very thankful he told me this! I love coupons!

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It was a fun day! It was very busy though! We will have to go there again, we can arrange it for a day when we know MOPS wont be there!