Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am back

From a wonderful Spring break!! What a true blessing from the worlds GrEaTeSt Mother in law in the whole wide world and she is not just the greatest because she graciously gave her time and money to my family for us to enjoy Great Wolf Lodge but because she is just the best! We Love EVERYTHING about her. We love what she brings to our family.

We had a busy week...We planned on staying 1 night at Great wolf Lodge but when we arrived we knew we would 2 days to really enjoy the water park. It was so much fun! If you have thought about going you really should just go. They have everything you need right there in the park. You don't need to leave.

The last night Matthew and Grammy got sick. That was no good. They either got food poisoning or the big slide did them in. I feel bad for both of them. Matthew is doing better today but still not 100% and my mom in law planed on having Easter at her house. So I really hope she gets better!

Nothing like getting home and being thrown right back into my busy life. I had a tax appointment and Bunko yesterday. I was also able to go to Good Friday Services at church. I loved IT! It is Christ died for our sins. How he carried is own cross to die on. How he was beaten and chained. I am so thankful that I am forgiven for my sins.

So Here is a quick post for all of you who keep checking on me! I am getting ready to host Easter dinner at my house followed by an egg hunt. I will post pictures soon.

Happy Easter everyone!! May you find hope and joy in his steadfast love for us.

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