Monday, April 20, 2009

Garage Sale rambles

What a busy weekend! We had a garage sale Friday and Saturday. Jenn and I had this planned for a while now so It was nice to have so much stuff gone!! Now I must energize this lazy butt and get cleaning. I have spring goals so I can really enjoy Summer this year. This is the first summer that I haven't been pregnant or having a surgery in 4 years! That alone does wonders for me. I am excited to actually have a few big projects done and it is only April! Yippee..

It started raining Friday..Like POURING! We had everything under tarps. The sale was to start at 9am however at 8:30 we had 3 people we turned away. It was RAINING!! And it was only 8:30 we said no early birds..I do like to be going by 8:45 but that was not the case Friday. These Ladies huffed and puffed their way to their cars when the realized as soon is let up a bit we would be out there. 9:20 we went out and completed set-up. We had to pull the tarps over everything 3 times during the sale..finally the sun stayed out.

I love the salers who will throw down an Item in a huff because you will not barter in the first 10 minutes your open. I am not taking about 2 or 3 dollars I am taking about a quarter. They get really mean.

What about the salers who tell you their whole life story from why their husbands left to the ones who share their hysterectomy story with you? What about the ones who walk right into your garage (past your cashier table) and start rummaging through your husband's tools? Ever have the ones who forget money? Then you hold the stuff for them?
You see I love all of this!! I love the guy who comes every year to just say hi ( I think he likes Jenn) I love to see people get so excited to find treasure. However, every year I say no more. No more throwing all my junk onto tables, pricing and selling!!
This year was to raise money for Jeremy's upcoming missions trip to Jordan. We are still shy from our goal but we are trusting God's plan for us.

Overall it was fun and it gave me something to look forward to...Sunday we went to the park. Carter Loved the swing and the whole concept of a playground. It started raining so we loaded up and went to go visit Great grandparents..they where not home..that lead us to Sonic was our first time and it was great! I love how you can tell your kids to Eat and quit screwing around while in the privacy of your own car! Here are somethings you would never hear in our van...

Get the french fry out of your nose
Get your feet off the windows.
If you spill that you will have to clean the entire van.
Don't flick your shake straw at your sister's hair
Quit stealing your brothers onion rings.
Don't climb over the seats
No Whining.
Are you a bunch of Monkey's?
Do not teach your sister how to make spit wads.
and the classic...I am the mom and I said So!!

And that my dear friends is why we opt to eat in our van or at home.

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Heather D

I had one garage sale when I was living in Whatcom County. A lady almost assaulted me over 10 cents. And all these people wanted to write me checks...sha the rubber check capital of the world? NO THANKS!