Thursday, April 23, 2009

March of Dimes..

During my first pregnancy, I was very young and very naive...I didn't realize that pre-mature births could happen to anyone at any age at anytime. Matthew was born 5 weeks early. We had the round of Jaundice. We had him on lights at home and he had a few bought of RSV and a other lung related issues. He has a mild case of Asthma now.

9 years later we had Miss America...6 weeks early. I will never forget when the nurse came to me and told me they must take her from me and check her out. Something was wrong. She was making a noise ,sounded like she was singing constantly. I was scared. I waited 9 years to do the responsible thing, I had a girl ..something I was not sure I was ready for (I will post why later) I did everything right, I sought prenatal care, I ate right I took vitamins any other thing you can think of.

When the doctor came in and told me they would have to airlift her to Seattle my heart sank. I was all alone. I had no one with me. It was 4 in the morning. I couldn't wrap my head around this. Why , would this happen? Olivia 6 pounds..still pretty big for 6 weeks early. She was able to stay in Bellingham. 10 days of sadness, confusion and emptiness took over. I had to touch her feet through an oxygen tent. I would sing to her..I would cry every time. I couldn't nurse her, I couldn't hold her. I didn't want to leave her side. She was tiny, she needed me..

Fast forward 3.5 years later...she will not leave my side. She is my girl. She test my patience everyday. She loves me and I love her. She has had croup 3 times since then but nothing serious. I am thankful to the care she received from the hospital. The research that they have studied to save pre-mature babies is incredible.

My sister was born at 25.5 weeks...She was still transparent when she was born. Parts of her where not developed. Her feet where still webbed (not anymore) her fingers and toes. This was in 1979...she had 3 blood transfusions...nursed on others breast mom had 2 others at home that needed her and was unable to go see her at, my sister will be turning 30 this year and is the mother of 4!!

Carter....I was on bed rest for 17 weeks with him..I had Placental abruption. This required 2 hospital stays and many days of laying in bed. He was born 5 days early..had him in 45 minutes and he weighed in my heaviest baby yet!! So, look at what happens with technology and informed doctors!!

I think we take for granted the research and care that goes into making sure all babies are healthy. We take for granted each test and each procedure we as pregnant mothers endure...

My friend Heather is raising money for her March of Dimes walk...I encourage you to donate what you can..You never know if it maybe your baby that needs help.

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Heather D

Thank you so much for that post! I had no idea this was such a close issue for you - makes this walk even more important for me! I am so excited to walk on Saturday, and the support I'm receiving. It's such important research.

The Kingsborough Queen

awesome cause...great post!

Heather D

Just an update...I raised $410 and my team raised OVER $8000. Awesome!