Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lucky Enough

Today was I woke up and made sure everyone knew I was going to shower before they left for school or work. Their 15 minute showers must now be 7 minutes. I was Lucky enough to get a 4 minute shower before the water went Freezing. I was lucky enough to have 1 diaper left before I realized I had to go to Costco. I was lucky enough to find one more in the other diaper bag after he went and did number 2 10 minutes after changing him.

I loaded up the kids and waited for Costco to open..I can't believe they don't open till 10..but whatever it is America they can do whatever they want :)...

Here is where I realized life is not bad..well maybe for the lady who questioned me up and down for the fact I had a disabled parking permit. I know I don't look like the average elderly person. Don't have wheelchair or a cane. I am 32 years old and I LOOK healthy. But I am not...I try hard to never take a handicap spot unless I really need to. I have everyday difficulties that can prevent me fom showering, cooking, lifting, twisting or bending. Some days are better then others..where I can do daily tasks and for the most part if you don't know that I have had 3 back surgeries with one pending you would look at me..judge me and keep it to yourself..this lady didn't..

She walked over to me as I parked...looked at me up and down and then screamed at me..asking me how dare I take up a spot just because I had 2 young kids. She wanted to see my place card (not the one in the window but the one you carry in your wallet) I told her very nicely Christian like that she may carry on now and it is really none of her business why I am prescribed a temporary pass. She then proceeded to tell me that she was going to call the cops. At that point I told her she may do whatever floats her boat. I wanted to ask her if she was the Disabled Parking Nazi and why she has stick up her butt but I smiled..took Carter out of is seat at that point she stood next to me with my van door open so I could not turn with Carter. I asked her to move. Really wanted to Punch her lights out but I smiled and spoke calmly. I asked her to move 3 times. She then told me I Had no cane, no wheelchair or a walker...yelling at me if I paid the doctor to forge my application for this permit. I shut my door making her jump out of the way. I walked around with one kid in my arm and one holding my hand. I was shaking. I was angry. I wanted to cry.

I then just stood there on the drivers side and said a prayer for her...and for me..I was angry. I was angry that someone could do that to me. Someone could judge me like that. I promised myself then and there..I will no longer judge anyone for anything...

but I still wanted to punch her lights out..

5 ...Stalker Comments:

Heather D

You are much nicer than me. I would have had her in a headlock.


Wow, you have a heck of a lot more restraint than I would have. Makes me mad just to hear the story. i wish I was there for you to kick her butt. I dont have a whole lot of patience for ignorance. Sorry you had to deal with that lady, and by lady, I mean that really mean lady.

Sara Joy

Way to Go!!! I would have LOST IT on her! I am very very proud of you. Wow, didnt she have anything better to do? You should have called the cops on HER!!!

*Big Hugs* cuz I totally would have cried :(

Rosalie Vrieling

You did the right thing by using your Christian restraint. I have the same problem with my diabled parking plack. Now that I no longer need to use the cane i get some dirty looks from people. They do not know what my back feels like and sometimes because of my asthma I cannot walk too far. I like you try to feel more compassioon for other people and try not to judge them. Grandma

Vintage Dutch Girl

Oh my goodness I would have FREAKED OUT. I'm kinda shaky just reading it!

Totally blog hopped on over here from Tiff's BTW :)

Do you remember giving me words of encouragement when I was having a complete meltdown at the pediatricians waiting room December 16ish? Jude was lying ON THE FLOOR screaming, Emmy wasn't doing well (at 8 days old) and I was a basketcase. I'll never forget your kindness :)