Monday, April 13, 2009

Every Year..Never again..

Every stinkin year I say NO to a garage sale. Every year I feel so much pressure to go through every drawer, every cupboard and get rid of aimless stuff.Pressure because I wait for the week of. Every year I get excited to clean. Every year I say NO to pricing stuff. Every year I hate the hard work that goes into a garage sale.

Why do I put myself through such torture? This year I am raising money for a myself..okay, joking!! I wish...This year we are raising money for Jeremy's upcoming Missions trip. This will be an experience of a lifetime!!

I also LOVE selling stuff. I was the Manager of Value Village and I also owned my own consignment store. I love everything about a bargain. Just come by and see for yourself all the treasures I aimlessly purchase and now am going to sell. So Stupid. I have not done alot of thrift shopping over the last few months and that is Good thing. We don't need anything!

Remember the flowbie? It can cut hair when attached to a vacuum? I almost bought one for 1.00 the other day. Thinking I could cut my kids hair with it..then I quickly remembered when we cut Jeremy's hair with the flowbie. Not a good idea.

we are selling so much! Then we are donating what is left over. No more stuff! I want to enjoy summer!! I don't want to have to step over, move or take care of stuff. It is taking over my life.

So Back to creating messes. why is it when you clean and organize you must create one mess to clean a mess? Urghh...

2 ...Stalker Comments:


You passed up buying a flowbie for $1.00? Are you crazy? Joe and Don have such fond memories of their hair being cut by a flowbie. I would have bought it for a gag.

Good Luck on your upcoming garage sale.


So when is your garage sale? I'll come look at your stuff, and maybe buy some, and then have to go home and have my own garage sale to make room for it. It's a vicious cycle, isn't it? ;)