Friday, April 17, 2009

My Blue Sky

I really wish it would quit raining!! Today of all days!! I have not gone through every room in my house just to have everything sit out in my yard covered by the blue sky we call tarps...As a kid my parents owned and they still own like 30 Tarps. Folded perfectly with their initials on them. We used these Tarps every time we would camp. They would meticulously tie one tarp to the next attach to a tree and at times they where so perfect about our blue Sky they had designed the tarps to not build up water...each tarp having a special draining system for the rain.

I am NOT lying...I guess i got used to camping in tent in the rain until my husband decided to take me camping at Silver Lake with my Brother and sister in law. It rained so hard...we had to call my parents and have them come dig a moat around our tent...hang up our blue sky. My sister in law I don't think has ever ever camped again...I bought a trailer one that has a TV , microwave, heat and mattress. The only time I get out my blue Sky is when I have a garage sale.

I wonder how many people will show up and start digging through the stuff? I wonder how many will knock on my door to purchase a 25 cents book? I wonder if the crazy flea market guy will camp out until i remove my blue Sky from all the tables. I bet there might be a fight under the blue sky. That would be funny!! 2 people fighting over a stuffed mouse that holds a Merry Christmas sign!! I wonder how many people will really just drive by and know that when the sun peaks out I will remove my blue sky and open up shop?

until then...maybe I will hang a blue tarp in the living room and pretend I am getting my Vitamin D.

oh, I have to tell you I bought some Vitamins at Costco..they are B-50 HI-Complex Energy..when I first read it I was laughing so hard at Jeremy for picking them out..Like so hard I think I snorted..held my stomach laughing so hard. He looked at me and was all confused. I told him those vitamins where for people with high Energy..he looks at me, shakes his head and said keep reading...oops I missed the "promotes energy" part.

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The Kingsborough Queen

hope you took your vitamins you will need the energy! hope the sky turns blue...and not because of the tarps! hope lots of people come, and you make big money!!!! garage sales are soooooooo much work! i can't think of a season that you haven't had one in though! have a great day!