Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Matthew has been in Boy Scouts for a little over a year. It was an activity that I was not sure of putting him in. My plate was already full and at the time I felt it was to much. I changed my mind Quickly as I realized what Boy Scouts does to your child.
When Matthew was 3 we decided to put him in Karate. He was full of energy and needed self-control (as with ANY 3 year old) and focus. I loved Karate..he made it to his Brown belt and then when I had to work 50 hours a week it got to be to much for us. We have done Soccer,baseball and Football. Football being one of his favorites and he plans on playing this upcoming season.

Boy Scouts is different. Yes, It is commitment but he has taken time off for Football and if he has family outings they come first. Boy scouts teaches your boy everything!! From fishing , woodworking, spending, saving, family, drugs, self-control and so much more then I could have ever taught him. He has been to camp, slept in an ice-cave, coached younger scouts and made so many good friends.

He has been working on a project about what drugs can do to you...He has also earned 6 merit badges!! I am so proud of him!!

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