Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I am Thankful for...

7 hours of solid sleep even with a 3 year old princess in my bed with her toes on my nose, her fingers tangled in my hair and her breath smelling very bad. It is amazing what sleep does to a mom. Makes them Happy!! No drugs,no drinking...just sleep can make it a better day here.

I'm listening to... 80's-90's country music on Sirius are still sleeping. Older boys off to school.

I'm looking forward to...
Planting my flowers. Helping Matthew with his very first Garden...the sun staying around.

What's for Dinner Tonight...

Well, my strike ended last night..I made maybe tonight I will do breakfast burritos...who knows!?! But I do know the kids are sick of cereal.

Missing.... this uniform that my 12 year old must wear every has a few patches on it..says something to the effects of Boy scouts of America on it.

Have a great weekend!! It is opening day fishing season and county wide garage sale..can you guess which one I would rather do?

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