Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not so above and beyond

So yesterday I decided that I wash my van at the car wash...I usually wash it at home but it really needed a good clean and some wax. Being 10 years old the 13.00 is worth it. I only take it there about 6 times a year. I love our local car wash....except this time...They no longer offer you a damp towel to wipe the inside of your car down..WHY, must you ask????

People would knock their car into drive while "wiping" down the inside of their car!! How in the heck can you do that!?! People would get stuck inside and screw up the machine.

they no longer will spray my running boards. I was very disappointed. With the economy tight and things such as a car wash should offer more then just RAINX in their soap and 2 attendants to dry your vehicle off.

I really did love the way they would go above and beyond to make you feel like you just spent a very cheap amount on a mini detail....Yes, I am sure I will be back...Maybe not my measly 6 times..maybe 3 times..Spring, Summer and Fall...

I did however spend the buck to vacuum out all the fries and Cheerios from the van..hoping that dollar would help me gain another mile per gallon...since there was about 300 pounds of food in the van...

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I laughed hard at this one! Especially the vaccuming part helping you gain gas mileage! You are FUNNY!!