Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I know I missed Last weeks Thursday's posting..I was out of town..enjoying spring Break with my Mom in law, nieces, sister and cousin in laws and Jenn. I am tired tonight..Very busy with the big Garage sale tomorrow..crap, I just realized it is raining RIGHT NOW..darn it...I have everything under tarps outside..oh, what to do..

I am Thankful for... I am thankful I have a daughter who changes her clothes 12 times a day. I will post pictures soon of that event. I have a girl..I have a princess...I am thankful to God for giving me both boys and a girl. I feel Blessed.

I'm listening to...
the news telling me it is raining. Shushhhh your mouth:)

I'm looking forward to... Family Pictures with Brooke!! You really need to check her out!! I love her pictures..and her!

What's for Dinner Tonight... Let's see..I have been on strike....I feed the little kids and that's about it. going on the 4th night now. Matthew is not happy about it..he even asked me why I gave up on cooking.He was the biggest complainer about my dinners and now he wants me to cook. whats up with that? :)

Missing.... Do you even care anymore that the Boy Scout Shirt is missing?

Check out my friend...Tiffani...a busy mom who one day when we leave our computers will be able to have coffee.

Happy Thursday Everyone!! Next week I will give you more...tonight I am TiReD!

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